Terms & Conditions

De Kattekop Childcare Foundation is intended exclusively for employees and students of Leiden University, or of associated institutes. Parents have to prove their connection with the University upon placement. Once a child has been placed, should the parent or guardian lose his or her connection with the University, parents are permitted to retain the place at De Kattekop until the child is four years old. If applicable, brothers or sisters may be placed until the first child is four years old.

When to enrol

Parents may enrol their child from the third month of pregnancy. In the case of adoption, enrolment is possible starting six months before the expected date of arrival of the child. New employees may enrol their children at most six months before the start date of their contracts.
You can prove your connection with the University by producing a salary slip or a student card. If you do not have a salary slip, you may prove your connection by means of a recent letter of appointment.


Parents can enrol their child by completing the enrolment form. Please indicate the date from which you would like your child to be placed, the preferred days, and the number of days. For pedagogical reasons a child has to stay for a minimum of four months, and the minimum number of half-days a week is four. Parents enrol by submitting the enrolment form. On receipt they will receive a confirmation of enrolment within six weeks.

Order of enrolment

Children are placed on a list in the order of receipt of their enrolment forms. The number of enrolments may exceed the number of available places. This will give rise to a waiting list, and you may face a waiting period (see indication waiting time).

Last Modified: 06-01-2009