In principle, children are placed in the order of enrolment, taking into account the composition of the groups and the planning possibilities. Children are placed for a minimum of two days a week, over a period of four months.

When a place becomes available, an offer for placement will be made to you by telephone. If you agree with the proposed days and the starting date, you will be offered a contract for placement. In addition to the contract for placement, you will receive the General Terms and Conditions relating to Childcare, the Supplementary Terms and Conditions of De Kattekop and the House Regulations.

Introductory interview (with the contact parents)

An introductory interview will be held two weeks before the actual childcare is due to start.

Adjustment period (see also House Regulations)

During the adjustment period when a child is becoming used to being at the childcare centre, a parent needs to be available, and should accompany the child on at least one of these sessions. The childcare centre offers the possibility for the child to become used to the day care before the actual placement date. There will be no charge for making use of this facility. If the adjustment period takes place after the starting date of the contract, you will be required to pay the normal parent contribution.


If parents decide not to accept an offer for placement after they have signed the contract, the applicable notice period is two months. If parents cancel more than two calendar months before the starting date of placement, an administration charge applies. Approximate costs for the administration charge in 2008 were € 50.

Structural extra days

If you wish to increase the number of days of childcare, or change the childcare days, please notify the director or the administrative department in writing, using the ‘update’ form on the website.

Occasional extra days

If you wish to have an extra (half-)day of day care occasionally, please notify the group leader. If the composition of the group allows for this, you may make use of extra days (on payment).

Last Modified: 30-10-2008