Waiting list

Unfortunately it is not always possible to make an offer for placement on the starting date you prefer. The number of enrolments may outnumber the available places. This gives rise to a waiting list and you may face a waiting period. Children are placed on a list in the order of receipt of their enrolment application.

The speed with which a child can be placed depends on the date of enrolment, the age of the child (in the interests of a balanced age structure within the groups), the preferred days and the feasibility of being able to offer a place continuously until the child is four years old. There are always more enrolments than available places. Unfortunately there is a waiting list.

Priority for second child

Second and subsequent children from one family are given priority in placement, on the condition that the new child is enrolled in time (during the fourth month of pregnancy at the latest). Priority is only given if the brother or sister is already using childcare at De Kattekop. You can receive a copy of this ‘second child regulation’ upon request.

Indication of waiting time

No indication can be given of the likely waiting time. It is difficult to make an estimation of the waiting time, because placement depends on a variety of unpredictable developments within the group. Moreover, parents often enrol their children at more that one childcare centre, and the waiting list is therefore not always reliable.

Notification of non-availability of preferred starting date

If it is not possible to place a child on the preferred starting date, parents will be notified six weeks before the preferred starting date.

Last Modified: 06-11-2008