House Regulations of De Kattekop

General regulations Day Care Centre "De Kattekop".

Opening times

The day care centre is open daily from Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 18.30 hrs for at least fifty-one weeks of the year, except on national holidays and on a maximum of five fixed days of closure determined in advance by the Foundation. You should collect your child before 18.30 hrs.

Minimum number of days of care

  • The Foundation offers day care for at least two whole days for a minimum period of four months.
  • The director may deviate from these rules in particular cases.


  • In connection with the care and responsibility for the child, it is essential that the parents can be reached by telephone on the days that the child is at the day care centre. The parents should therefore indicate where they can be reached.
  • Parents should also indicate an emergency address for instances when they themselves may not be reachable.

Adjustment period

During the introductory interview, arrangements are made for the adjustment period. The parent should be available during the adjustment period and should be present for at least one of the sessions.

Bringing and collecting your child

  • Bringing and collecting times.
    Children can be brought between 07.30 and 9.15 hrs. Children can be collected between 16.30 and (at the latest) 18.25 hrs. It may be possible in individual cases to diverge from these times.
  • Absence.
    If a child is unable to attend day care due to illness or for some other reason, you must notify the day care centre of this before 09.00 hrs.
  • Responsibility for the child when bringing and collecting
    Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Childcare, Article 11, paragraph 4.
    We assume that the parents are in any event responsible for supervising their child(ren) during parties where the parents are present, and in the outdoor grounds of the day care centre.
  • Authorisation to collect.
    Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Childcare, Article 11, paragraph 6.
    If the child is collected by a person other than one of the parents, this should be notified to the group leader in advance, either verbally or in writing. No child will ever be given into the care of a person who is not known to us.

Exchanging days

Only under certain circumstances is exchange of days allowed.

Changes in personal information

We should be notified of any changes in personal information, employment with the University and requests for structural changes of days using the relevant form.


Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Childcare, Article 18, paragraph 2. 

  •  A sick child is taken to mean: a child who is obviously unwell (is passive, is crying excessively), who is complaining of pain, who has a recognisable illness and/or who has a temperature of above 38.5 degrees.
  • Parents are obliged to notify the management of the day care centre if their child is suffering from a contagious illness, such as German measles, scarlet fever, meningitis, whooping cough, measles, tuberculosis, RS-virus, diarrhoea, impetigo, fifth disease.
  • The management of the day care centre is not allowed to administer any medical treatment. The management will not administer any medication to reduce or suppress a fever.
  • If parents wish the management to administer medication, an agreement on the use of medication must be completed and signed in advance.
  • In cases of emergency, it may be necessary for the day care management to immediately contact the emergency ambulance services, only notifying the parents afterwards.


The Local Health Authority wishes to be kept informed of the vaccination record of children at childcare centres. For this reason, parents are required to complete a form indicating whether they intend to adhere to the State Vaccination Scheme and to submit the signed form to the management.


It is not permitted to bring sweets to the day care centre or to distribute sweets at the day care centre.

Sleeping bag

Children in the youngest group sleep in a sleeping back provided by the parents. These sleeping bags remain at the day care centre and will be laundered by the staff of the day care centre.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Smoking is not permitted outside the building in the presence of the children.


Bags should not be left unattended on the premises and in the vicinity of children.

Outdoor areas

  • Cycling is not allowed in the grounds outside;
  • In connection with the safety risks in the parking area and/or on the pavement, you are required to take direct responsibility for supervision of your child (i.e. keep your child close to you, hold his/her hand,  place him/her in the buggy or on your bicycle).


Running in the hallways is not permitted.

Last Modified: 06-11-2008