General Terms and Conditions relating to Childcare

General Terms and Conditions

BOinK, the association of parents of children attending childcare, the Consumer Association, both on behalf of parents on the one hand, and the Social Employers’ Group (Maatschappelijk Ondernemersgroep) and the Branch Organisation for Employers in Childcare, on behalf of the employers on the other hand, consider it important that parents have a high degree of legal protection and certainty in the day care of their children.

These parties together have compiled the General Terms and Conditions relating to Childcare and after-school care. These General Terms and Conditions form the basis for the contracts between parents and organisations offering childcare. De Kattekop is a member of the Maatschappelijke Ondernemersgroep. By signing a contract with De Kattekop you automatically declare your agreement with the organisation’s General Terms and Conditions.

Supplementary Terms and Conditions of De Kattekop

Supplementary to the General Terms and Conditions, the employer may determine house regulations, payment conditions/a debt collection policy, cancellation regulations, etcetera. The supplementary terms and conditions of De Kattekop apply to the contract you signed.

Complaints regulation

Internal procedure
If as a parent you have a complaint about the service provided or about a member of staff at De Kattekop you should report your complaint to the director. At your request, the complaint will be handled in accordance with the 'Regulations on Internal Complaints of De Kattekop'. This regulation can be found on the website of De Kattekop. You can also request a printed copy.

External procedure
If the internal procedure has been followed and the complaint has not been resolved, the complaint can then be brought before an external complaints commission, the ZcKK (the South Holland Complaints Commission). The ZcKK is an independent and professional commission, which has an advisory role. If you so request, a copy of the procedure for handling complaints by the ZcKK will be sent to you. A parent may also submit a complaint directly to the ZcKK without following the internal complaints procedure.

If a complaint relating to the implementation of the contract cannot be resolved between parent and organisation, it is possible to bring this before an independent Disputes Commission for Childcare (see: General Terms and Conditions). A complaint will only be handled if it has first been submitted to the organisation concerned. The decision of the Disputes Commission is binding for both parties.

Privacy regulation

The working activities of the institution require that a personal register must be maintained of children attending day care. This register also includes information on the parents/guardians.

Relevant information is also provided relating to the care of the children. Staff are bound by rules of confidentiality regarding non-disclosure of the information provided to parties other than day care staff and management. De Kattekop will not make information contained in the personal register available to third parties without the explicit prior permission of the person concerned. A copy of the privacy regulation will be provided to you on request.

Code of behaviour

The Collective Labour Agreement states that a code of behaviour is an obligatory requirement in the prevention of sexual intimidation, discrimination and acts of violence. This code of behaviour applies to staff, members of the management and any trainees who may be working at the institution.

Within the framework of this code of behaviour, De Kattekop has become a member of the 'Vertrouwenspersonen Kinderopvang Zuid-Holland' (South Holland Organisation for Confidential Advisers in Childcare) so that, if necessary, a member of staff / trainee can apply to a confidential adviser. The code of behaviour is available for consultation from the management, and a copy is posted on the notice board at the entrance.

Last Modified: 06-11-2008